"I've kind of been a slacker posting to my blog. It's been a busy couple of months I guess. My daughter has been going through chemotherapy treatments for the past 2 1/2 years and she just had her last few treatments.? Chloe is doing well and we're praying that she'll be cancer free from now on. The end of her treatments of course warranted a neighborhood party and some family gatherings which have kept us busy. My brother and his wife had a baby so we had to go visit them in Boise... then to top off the excitement I had 6 kidney stones all at once - one that was so large it would not pass so they had to blast it. If you haven't had a kidney stone before... I earnestly hope you never do. Anyway, events like these have kept me from blogging among other things. Although I have to admit I'm not the best blogger. News: Direct Door Hardware is about to?undergo some changes that should greatly improve the website - probably more on the administration end of things. We feel like the change is necessary to keep up with growth and continue to provide good customer service. Hopefully the transition will be smooth. You probably won't see a great deal of changes on the website itself immediately. One nice improvement is that customers will be able to view order history and track orders directly on the website. In the future however we will have searching capabilities, related products, and the new system will allow for better management of a lot of new hardware that we plan to add to our product line. Please check back. We'll keep you updated as the improvements are rolled out."