Hardware for thick doors
An increasing trend we've seen is customers looking for hardware for thicker than standard doors. This could be a chunky wine cellar door, a door covered with barnwood for aesthetic, an exterior gate door or a large custom front door on your home. The truth is, most hardware manufacturers mass produce hardware for the bulk of customer demand and that is the standard sized interior width of 1 3/8" and exterior hardware is designed to fit a standard exterior door which is typically 1 3/4" thick. If you find yourself searching the internet and hardware stores unsuccessfully finding anything available for anything other than standard door thicknesses, you aren't alone. We carry many different brands of hardware and only a handful have some options for fitment to thicker doors. 

Who makes hardware for thicker doors? 
Some Kwikset & Baldwin privacy and passage sets are available with a thickness kit to allow fitment up to 2 1/4" thick door. Likewise, Schlage offers some extension kits to allow front door handlesets only to fit up to a 2 1/4" thick door.  Lockey offers a selection of mechanical keyless leversets and deadbolts can also be ordered for gates and doors up to 5" thick, see HERE to see if that would be suitable to your application.  By far, the manufacturer with the most custom and decorative options for your home or building is Emtek, who offers fitment for doors up to 3" thick in most cases.  Because Emtek hardware is custom assembled per order, we are able to take your specs and the hardware is built to fit your doors specifically.  To shop Emtek brand hardware for thicker doors, click HERE 

What about commercial hardware?
Most commercial hardware is also built for standard 1 3/4" thick doors.  Depending on the make and model, some commercial levers fit up to to 2" or 2 1/8" thick doors.  If you're door is still thicker than that, Schlage ND series hardware can be special ordered from the manufacturer to accommodate unusually thick doors.  There is an extended lead time of approx 8-12 weeks on ND series levers and they are much more expensive than typical commercial hardware.

As a general rule, if thicker than standard door fitment is available, our website will have a drop down menu option for you to select your non-standard door thickness before adding it to your cart.  All other hardware without a thickness option would be for standard door thicknesses only.  If you have a thicker than usual door and are looking for hardware solutions, give us a call we would be glad to help guide you to the correct hardware for your doors.