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Q: Can Grandeur doorsets be used on an exterior door?
A: Absolutely, we have Grade 2 security deadbolts for securing your exterior doors and both the mechanics and the finish are covered by lifetime warranties. Grandeur also has an optional PVD Lifetime Finish for its deadbolts and passage sets.

Q: I want levers instead of knobs, are these available in vintage styles?
A: Grandeur offers two stylish lever styles that coordinate well with all of our vintage and rosette style backplates.

Q: Do Grandeur door sets only come with square cornered face and strike plates?
A: Grandeur sets come standard with traditional square cornered face and strike plates, but when ordering sets, radius cornered face and strike plates may be substituted at no charge. (Also note that face and strike plates are finish coordinated with the sets being ordered).

Q: Are the Grandeur tubular latches reversible?
A: Yes. To reverse the Passage or Privacy Latch, simply remove the faceplate and turn the tongue to the desired position, then replace the faceplate.

Q: I need a 2-3/4” backset instead of the 2-3/8” you ship as standard, how do I get the longer backset?
A: Grandeur sets come standard with 2-3/8” backset tubular latches, but 2-3/4” backsets may be substituted at no additional charge when ordering.

Q: Can I mix and match doorknobs and backplates?
A: You may combine any doorknobs and levers with any backplate on any set as a SPECIAL ORDER, priced at the highest price of any style and finish included in that particular set. In the Grandeur line with our patent pending mounting plate, rosettes and long plates may even be installed on opposite sides of the same door.

Q: Is handing required to be specified for Grandeur door sets?
A: Handing is required only on rosette sets with levers.

Q: What is the difference between the Fontainebleau knob and the Versailles knob?
A: These two knobs are very similar in appearance. Both are made with 24% leaded crystal for maximum luster and reflectivity. The primary difference is that the Versailles knob has been polished on its face. This polishing enhances the ability for light to enter and reflect inside of the knob. It also makes for a "window" with which you can see into the knob clearly, dressing up the overall appearance of the knob.



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