A rewarding DIY weekend project for your home.

    You've spent the last 6 weeks in your home doing your best to avoid the virus and you've binge watched anything you are remotely interested in. Just when you are about to bring yourself to watch the most dramatic season yet of The Bachelor, your attention has turned to how you use your living space with everyone in the family trying to function at home. One way to separate a busy living space from another for example, a home office or dining area, is to consider one of these popular sliding barn doors. One of the biggest advantages of a sliding barn door in your home is that it is much like a pocket door in that it doesn't swing out into the room so it is a compact way of giving you a more private setting to specific areas of your home. Another benefit of a sliding barn door in your home is they look fantastic, they can add visual interest to an otherwise boring space and they are customizeable to get the exact look you desire. 

    In the photo above, the homeowner wanted to separate the mud/laundry room from the open kitchen/dining area in their home and they decided to build this 42" door themselves with an easy to assemble barn door kit. The track and hardware used for this installation is from Emtek. There are many styles to choose from when it comes to the doors and hardware. Most barn door track systems can be installed by the homeowner as a weekend DIY project with basic tools. A typical barn door kit includes the hardware for 1 single sliding door but if you have a particularly large door opening, an alternative is to use bi-parting doors meaning you have 2 separate doors on the same track that meet in the middle when you close them.  Soft close features are available so the doors don't bang together or jar at the end of the track when you open or close your door.  Other popular track systems are available from Sure-Loc and Leatherneck hardware.

Here are a few things to consider if you are thinking of doing a sliding barn door install in your home. 

1) You will need at least a 10" header space over the door opening so the track hardware has room to be installed and can be mounted into a strong support of studs on the wall above the opening. 
2) The track and barn door can be fairly heavy so you will need to ensure you have studs at 16" on center at minimum or even better, blocking between the studs prior to the drywall work being done. If you do not think you have sufficient backing or the screw holes for the track won't line up with your studs, you can mount a 1"x6" or 1"x4" piece of MDF or solid wood trim material above the door opening to give your bolts something to screw into when you mount the track hardware to the wall. 
3) Your door needs to span the width of your opening plus 2-3" on either side so it will overlap and close off the door opening completely. 
4) Your track length required is determined by the width of your door. For example, if you have a 36" wide door, you will need at minimum a 6' long track so the door has room to roll all the way to one side or the other of the door opening. 

 Once your new barn door is hung, you will need a comfortable way to open and close the door. We have hardware for that too.  

We think the best way to do this is with a flush pull on the inside of the door so it clears the wall and casing like this Emtek 10" Modern Rectangular Flush Pull available in many different finishes.

 A decorative handle on the outside half of the door makes sliding the door open a breeze.  Featured on this install is an Emtek Baden 8" Pull in Flat Black that mounts back to back with the Flush pull on the other side of the door.  Lastly, sometimes you may want to be able to lock the door depending on the application.  There aren't many products on the market for this yet but Emtek has recently introduced a sturdy and functional privacy lock for sliding barn doors that also doubles as a flush pull on the inside of the door found here.

If you have any questions regarding your potential barn door project, give us a call at 307-886-9449 and our knowledgeable sales staff can help!