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Bi-Fold Door Pulls

Bifold Pulls

Bifold door pulls are smaller diameter knobs that mount on each bifold door to make them easier to open. Bi-fold door knobs do not have any kind of latch mechanism. Bi-Fold doors operate on a track at the top of the door and slide open and closed as you pull the knob. Bi-fold knobs mount similar to a cabinet knob with a long bolt that goes through the door. You could actually use any cabinet knob as a bifold pull, but you would have to find longer bolts at a local nut and bolt shop. These bifold pulls are shipped with a bolt long enough to mount through a standard 2 3/8" door. Sorry, we don't have bifold door bolts for sale individually.

If you would like a full sized door knob for your bifold doors, you can order a single dummy function doorknobs.

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