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4 Inch Door Hinges

There are many types of door hinges available on the market today. 3.5 Inch door hinges are the most popular as they are used on interior doors in most home. A close second are the 4 Inch door hinges found below. Meant to carry the additional weight of a heavier exterior door, 4 Inch door hinges are, of course, taller and sometimes thicker in weight that the 3.5 Inch variety. If you have a solid core wood door, or taller than standard door, you'll probably want to go with a 4" or taller door hinge to carry the weight. Ball bearing hinges are also a great option for heavy doors. Choose from several corner options and many finishes to coordinate with your doorknobs or levers. As usual, we recommend that you choose a door hinge in the same brand as your other door hardware whenever possible to assure the best finish match. See Also:
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