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4 Inch Hinges with 5/8 Inch Round Corner

Residential exterior doors generally use 4" door hinges. More often than not, those 4 inch hinges have 5/8" radius corners as they are the most commonly used. Since exterior doors are generally thicker and heavier than interior doors, a larger hinge is required. Most exterior doors use three 4 Inch hinges on them, unless the door is taller than standard, then you may have 4 or more. Do you have exterior doors where one hinge leaf is 5/8" radius and the other is square corner? These are also common and can be found in our specialty hinges. Even though you can't see much of the hinge when the doors are closed, we always recommend trying to match your door hinge brand with that of the door hardware throughout your home for the best finish match. See Also:
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