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3.5 Inch Hinges with 5/8 Inch Round Corner

We sell more 3.5 Inch door hinges with 5/8 Inch radius than any other type of hinge that we carry. The reason is that for years, this has been the standard size door hinge for home builders around North America. Before you order your door hinges, be sure to verify what you need. First, measure the height of your door hinge. Again, 3.5 Inch is the most common size, but 4 Inch door hinges are also very common on exterior doors or solid core doors. To verify the radius of hinge that you need, just grab a quarter and a dime and hold them up to the corner of the hinge. If the radius is closer to the dime, it's a 1/4 Inch radius. If it's more like a quarter, you'll want to order the 5/8 Inch radius door hinges. We also have square corner hinges available. As always, we recommend matching your door hinges to the same brand as your other door hardware for the best finish match.

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