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Questions About Lever Handles

Lever Handle Questions

How are your Sure-Loc brand Lever Handles made?
What is the difference between your Sure-Loc brand door knobs and you Weslock brand doorknobs?
Can my door knobs be keyed the same as my deadbolts?
How do I know what type of door knob to buy?
Are your door knobs sold as complete sets?
Why are your prices so low? Are the knobs defective?
How do I know if your door knobs will replace my exiting knobs?
Do I have to specify door Handing when ordering door knobs?
Why do I have to Specify the door handing when I order my lever handles?
What if I ordered a lever handle that is the wrong handing?

How are your Sure-Loc brand lever handles made?
Our Sure-loc lever handles are solid forged with a plated finish. Their quality is comparable to a Kwickset lock, Weiser or a mid grade Schlage. They are built with all metal parts, solid steel 1/4" spindle and keyed locks use a 5 pin keyway similar to a quickset. Sure-loc offers a 10 yr mechanical warranty and a five year finish warranty.

What is the difference between your Sure-Loc brand Levers and your Weslock brand lever handles?
These two brands are manufactured very similarly. The main difference is that Weslock lever handles have concealed screws when the lock is installed. Because of this concealed screw feature, they do take a little longer to install than the Sure-loc levers do. Weslock also has attached mortise plates on all of their lever handles while Sure-Loc levers come with removable mortise plates on the latch mechanism[except on keyed sets which will always have an attached mortise plate]. This also can save you some installation time if your doors are not mortised for latch plates.

Can my lever handles be keyed the same as my deadbolts?
Yes, we generally key locks alike unless specified otherwise. There is no charge for keying on most packages for a home. If you have a larger project that will require many keyed locks, there may be keying charges.

How do I know what type of Lever Handle to buy?
Door knobs are available in a variety of styles for different applications. Here is a breakdown of the kinds you can get that will help you determine what you need.
1) Entrance Levers - Entrance knobs have keyed cylinders and are generally used on exterior doors.
2) Privacy Levers - Privacy Door Knobs are generally used on bedrooms and baths. They are lockable but do not have a keyed cylinder. They can be unlocked with a generic tool that is provided.
3) Passage Levers - Hall and Closet or Passage knob sets do not lock. They are generally used on closets or other doors where a lock is not required.
4) Dummy Levers - Dummy Levers are just one lever that face mounts to any surface. This is the perfect solution for ball catch doors or other applications where a latch mechanism is not needed, but the look of a lever handle is desired. If your door has a predrilled hole in it for a door knob, but no mechanism is needed. The best option is a passage lever omitting the latch mechanism.

Are your lever handles sold as complete sets?
Yes. Our levers are sold with a lever for both sides of the door, latch mechanism, strike plate and mounting screws. Only dummy levers are sold individually as they are intended to be mounted with screws to the surface of a door.

Why are your prices so low? Are the knobs defective?
No, none of our knobs or lever handles are defective products. We buy most of our products directly from the manufacturer, and even ship from their warehouses a lot of times to assure that we can pass the saving on to our customers. All of our door knobsets are new, in the box door hardware products that are equivalent and similar to other major brands you may find in your local hardware store.

How do I know if your lever handles will replace my exiting knobs or levers?
The most important thing to check is the backset. The backset is the distance from the center of the bore hole, ot the edge of the door. The brands that we currently carry are available in 2 3/8" and 2 3/4" backsets. The other thing you need to check is the size of the bore hole. Standard size is 2 1/8" which any brand that we carry will fit. These are pretty standard and should replace just about any knob, but occasionally someone calls that has something different - generally old homes. If the backset and bore hole is right, the knobs should work.

Do I have to specify door handing when ordering lever handles?
Yes, on most lever handles you do have to specify the door handing. You can determine the handing by clicking on the link below.
Click here to learn how to determine the handing of your door.

Why do I have to Specify the door handing when I order my lever handles?
Most lever handles are designed for a fancy look. Sometimes the lever curves down, sometimes they curve up. If you try to put a left handed lever that curves down onto a right hand swinging door, the lever will curve up instead of down. So it just won't look right.

What if I ordered a lever handle that is the wrong handing?
Some levers are reversable in the field. Not all of them are. Please give us a call or email us and we will let you know how to proceed.

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