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KV MUV Soft Close Undermount Drawer Slide 16 Inch

KV MUV Soft Close Undermount Drawer Slide 16 Inch

KV MUV Soft Close Undermount Drawer Slide 16 Inch


MūV Soft Close Undermount Drawer Slide

MūV Soft Close Undermount Drawer Slides set a new standard for reliable operation and whisper-quiet function. Featuring a number of technological innovations, MūV is the perfect balance of performance and affordability, with no sacrifice in reliability or ease of installation. It's time to MūV up to the maximum undermount value in the market today.

Product Features

- Available in two models to handle drawer box material up to 3/4" thick - Stabilizing cassette rollers keep closed drawer fronts aligned and true
- Hydraulic soft-close cylinder eliminates drawer "bounce back"
- Industry standard 32mm mounting hole pattern
- Extended slide size offerings can accommodate deeper drawer box sizes in standard cabinet configurations
- Backed by the exclusive Knape and Vogt Limited Lifetime Warranty

Soft Close Mechanism with Spring Dampener Technology Delivers Superior Performance

MūV’s fully integrated soft close mechanism features the perfect balance of opening force and closing speed to ensure consistent positive closure. With a long dampening stroke (2-1/4" on 18" and larger slides), the hydraulic cylinder helps glide the drawer closed and eliminates the drawer "bounce" common to air-filled cylinders. The mechanism can be removed and replaced independently of the slide.

More Sizes Mean Deeper Drawer Boxes for More Usable Storage Space

MūV’s extended slide size offering gives cabinetmakers complete flexibility, including the ability to create deeper drawer boxes in standard cabinet configurations. By using MūV undermount slides, up to 2 full inches of additional drawer box depth can be built into the cabinet.

Built to Handle Drawer Box Material up to 3/4" Thick

MūV is available in two material width models, allowing the use of drawer box up to 3/4” in thickness.

Stabilizing Cassette Roller Keeps Closed Drawer Fronts Aligned and True

Integrated cassette rollers help to stabilize content load and eliminate sag when the drawer is in the closed position. Inset drawers stay perfectly aligned and true.

True Full Extension for Complete Drawer Box Access

All MūV Slides 18" and longer feature a true full extension, which allows for complete access to drawer contents.

Set Up, Installation, and Fine-Tuning is as Easy as 1-2-3

1. MūV supports industry standard drawer box construction and features a 32mm mounting hole pattern.
2. MūV features elongated mounting holes on both the front and back of the drawer member, making horizontal and vertical adjustments fast and simple.
3. MūV’s ergonomic front release brackets feature tool-free 1/8” height adjustment for post-installation fine-tuning. The notched release brackets are designed to accommodate various drawer fronts. Open areas allow for better fastener access.

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