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Grass UniSoft Soft-Close for Doors

Grass UniSoft Soft-Close for Doors

Grass UniSoft Soft-Close for Doors


Grass UniSoft Soft-close for Doors

UniSoft, the latest innovation from Grass, is a Soft-close adapter for doors. The UniSoft mounts independently from the hinge in the upper corner of your cabinet and instantly allows the cabinet door to close quietly and smoothly. Its sleek brushed nickel look houses the UniSoft damper. The UniSoft can be adjusted by the turn of a screw to the desired closing speed. UniSoft can be installed at any time during the production process, at the time of cabinet installation or after the cabinetry has been installed. For the end user, this is a perfect retrofit solution to add a Soft-close feature to their fine cabinetry.

Product Description

- Works for face frame cabinets on all door overlays
- Use on frameless cabinets with full overlay doors
- Blends in well with hinge finish
- Low profile non-handed design
- Manually adjustable to desired closing speed
- Easy Corner Mounting
- Scratch protector and front bumper with cushion for a quiet close

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Price$3.69 USD

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