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Nostalgic Warehouse Classic Rosette with Craftsman Knob

Assembled per order. Please allow 10-14 days before shipping

Nostalgic Warehouse Classic Rosette with Craftsman Knob

Nostalgic Warehouse Classic Rosette with Craftsman Knob
Nostalgic Warehouse Classic Rosette with the Craftsman Knob

Helpful Information

Direct Door Hardware Shipping Timeframe for Nostalgic Warehouse Assembled Specifically to Your Chosen Options

Please Allow 7-10 Days Before Receipt. Need it Faster? Please Contact Us for Expedited Options

Part Numbers

Part Numbers

Timeless Bronze - 2 3/8" Backset

Passage - 700213
Single Dummy - 700484
Double Dummy - 700754
Privacy - 701506

Antique Brass - 2 3/8" Backset

Passage - 716382
Single Dummy - 716430
Double Dummy - 716478
Privacy - 716526

Antique Pewter - 2 3/8" Backset

Passage - 716383
Single Dummy - 716431
Double Dummy - 716479
Privacy - 716527

Oil Rubbed Bronze - 2 3/8" Backset

Passage - 716384
Single Dummy - 716432
Double Dummy - 716480
Privacy - 716528

Satin Nickel - 2 3/8" Backset

Passage - 716385
Single Dummy - 716433
Double Dummy - 716481
Privacy - 716529

Timeless Bronze - 2 3/4" Backset

Passage - 708386
Privacy - 713324

Antique Brass - 2 3/4" Backset

Passage - 708382
Privacy - 713296

Antique Pewter - 2 3/4" Backset

Passage - 708383
Privacy - 713303

Oil Rubbed Bronze - 2 3/4" Backset

Passage - 708384
Privacy - 713310

Satin Nickel - 2 3/4" Backset

Passage - 708385
Privacy - 7133116


Nostalgic Warehouse Classic Rosette with Craftsman Knob

Nostalgic Warehouse reproduction craftsman knobs are a great solution for obtaining that antique door knob look, with the convenience of components that fit modern style doors. Customize your craftsman knob with multiple finishes above.

Craftsman Knob Specifications
- Top quality, forged brass knobs & plates
- Vintage designs - updated for modern us
- Engineered for use on Standard Prep pre-drilled doors
- Optional mortise-lock sets for antique doors
- Full Lifetime Warranty
- Limited Lifetime Mechanical Warranty
- Lifetime Finish Warranty
- Fits doors from 1 3/8" - 1 3/4" thick.
- Dimensions: Knob: 2.25" Diameter- Rosette:2.5" Diameter.

For exterior doors we recommend using a passage function knob in conjunction with a Nostalgic Warehouse Deadbolt above. Crystal or porcelain knobsets are not recommended for exterior use and are not covered under warranty if used for that purpose.

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Assembled per order. Please allow 10-14 days before shipping

Order Help

Nostalgic Warehouse Craftsman Doorknob Functions

Nostalgic Warehouse door knobs are available in different functions. Please review the descriptions below so you can order the correct door knob function for your application.

Passage Door Knob Function Nostalgic Warehouse Passage or Hall and Closet Door Knobs are used on doors that do not need a locking mechanism. Halls, closets, pantry or laundry doors will typically fit this function. Remember, Passage door knobs do not have a locking mechanism.

Privacy Door Knob Function Nostalgic Warehouse Privacy or Bed and Bath Door Knobs are typically used on Bedrooms, Baths or Office doors where a lock for privacy while occupied is desired, but a keyed lock is not really necessary. Nostalgic Warehouse privacy door knobs have a push button on the rosette or backplate as shown to the left to activate the lock. On the outside, there is a pin hole for emergency unlocking. Some door knobs will have a pin hole inside a circular piece, while others just have a small pinhole.

Double Dummy Door Knob Function Nostalgic Warehouse Double Dummy Door Knobs are sold in pairs. Dummy door knobs do not have a latch or mechanism of any kind. These door knobs are surface mounted to a door that has not been bored (large hole cut out) for a door knob. Dummy door knobs are generally used on double doors that use a ball catch at the top to keep them closed so a latch is not required. They are also usually found on the inactive side of a french door - a single dummy mounted on either side of the inactive door.


Nostalgic Warehouse warrants its products to be free from defects in materials and workmanship. This warranty is extended to the original user of Nostalgic Warehouse products as long as the User occupies the residential premises on which the Products were originally installed. For more information see the complete Nostalgic Warehouse Warranty.

Nostalgic Warehouse door hardware is assembled custom to fill your order. As a result there is a 25% restock fee assessed on all orders because the items have to be disassembled upon return. Nostalgic Warehouse Returns must be made within 30 days of the original purchase. Please contact us before return.

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