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BLUMOTION 971A Soft Close Device for Cabinet Doors

BLUMOTION 971A Soft Close Device for Cabinet Doors

BLUMOTION 971A Soft Close Device for Cabinet Doors


Blum BLUMOTION 971A9700.A1 Soft Close Device

- Includes instructions, spacer and mounting screws.

BLUMOTION 971A is probably the quickest and easiest upgrade you can make to your kitchen. This device installs in seconds and once installed, creates quiet closing doors, every time. The Blum soft close device is designed for use with Blum hinges, but it will work with most self closing cabinet hinges. The included spacer is needed for cabinet hinges with an overlay of less than 1". For larger overlays the spacer is not needed. Screws are included for installation with or without spacer.

Blumotion 971A Product Features

- Silent and effortless closing every time
- Automatically adjusts to the closing force of the door
- Must be used with self-closing cabinet hinge
- Works for both face frame and panel cabinets
- Non-handed design
- Easy installation
- Designed for use with blum hinges
- Overload safety feature protects the BLUMOTION system from damage through abuse

Blumotion 971A installation Instructions


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