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Blum TANDEM plus BLUMOTION 563F Full Extension Drawer Runners 9 Inch for 3/4 Inch Box

Blum TANDEM plus BLUMOTION 563F Full Extension Drawer Runners 9 Inch for 3/4 Inch Box

Blum TANDEM plus BLUMOTION 563F Full Extension Drawer Runners 9 Inch for 3/4 Inch Box


Blum TANDEM plus BLUMOTION 562F Full Extension Drawer Slides

Blum Tandem premium drawer runners are widely known for their outstanding quality. These slides will operate smoothly and trouble free for many years. The first time you open and close a fully loaded drawer, you'll quickly realize that Tandem plus Blumotion is a runner system that is unmatched in quality. Each set of Tandem drawer slides requires a pair of locking devices which we include with your order. Rear mounting brackets for face frame cabinets are sold separately.


- Zinc-coated steel
- Concealed roller carriage with permanently lubricated synthetic rollers
- Blumatic spring-loaded self closing action
- Full Extension drawer slides
- For 19mm (3/4") maximum drawer side thickness
- Rear tilt adjustment
- Locking devices enable easy drawer insertion and removal
- Force guided right side and 1/16" tolerance compensating left side
- Dynamic weight capacity of 75lb
- Static weight capacity of 100lb

Locking Devices

Locking devices are used to lock the drawer box to the Tandem runners. Drawer boxes easily clip on and of for easy adjustment and removal. Most drawers will use the Standard locking device T51.1700.04 which will work on drawer boxes down to a minimum interior drawer box width of 4-3/4". Other Locking devices available are Inset drawer, positive stop, and narrow drawer locking devices. All Blum TANDEM locking devices include the following features:

- Zinc die-cast with synthetic, spring loaded release levers
- Force guided right device and ±1/16" self-adjust tolerance on left device
- Self adjusting drawer length tolerance
- Tool free drawer height adjustment

Rear Mounting Brackets

- Rear brackets are for use when installing TANDEM runners in face frame cabinets. Not necessary for panel cabinet installation
- Two brackets are required per drawer. The brackets are non-handed
- Rear mounting brackets are made of zinc-plated steel
- Depth and side-to-side self alignment
- 9" TANDEM drawer runners require special nylon socket rather than steel brackets


Tandem plus runners are available with integrated BLUMOTION. The integrated BLUMOTION mechanism takes control of the drawer 2" from closing and brings it to a soft, silent close every time - Blum's latest step in perfecting motion.

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