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Blum 38N Compact Cabinet Hinge with Blumotion Soft Close

Blum 38N Compact Cabinet Hinge with Blumotion Soft Close

Blum 38N Compact Cabinet Hinge with Blumotion Soft Close


Blum COMPACT 1/2" Overlay Cabinet Hinge with BLUMOTION

Blum COMPACT cabinet hinge for face frame style cabinets have proven to be a quality solution since the 1980's. The latest improvement on this reliable hinge is the integrated soft close mechanism. Built right into the hinge cup, the BLUMOTION soft close mechanism produces a smooth, quiet close every time. Overload feature protects from damage if the door is slammed and maintains soft closing for the life of the hinge. The BLUMOTION function can be deactivated on one hinge allowing small or lighter doors the same soft closing motion as larger doors. COMPACT 38C hinges are interchangeable with other Blum face frame hinges. Fasteners are not included with this hinge. Ther recommended fasteners are one #8 x 3/4" truss head screw for face frame attachment and two #6 x 5/8 flat head screws for door attachment. Requires 35mm bore with 7/16" depth.


- BLUMOTION soft close integrated into the hinge cup
- Deactivation clip for small/light doors
- Overload safety feature
- One Piece wraparound hinge
- 7/16" cup depth


Compact hinge specifications

Compact 38C hinge adjustment


We do not include fasteners with this hinge. The recommended fasteners are: for the hinge to face frame attachment, one #8 x 3/4" truss head screw. For the hinge to door attachment, two #6 x 5/8" flat head screws.


Compact 38N hinges with integrated BLUMOTION soft close mechanism feature three-dimensional adjustment to get your cabinet doors fitting just right. Side and Depth adjustment are easily made with a cam screw adjustment. Height adjustment can be made with the cabinet frame installation screw.

Door Boring.

This hinge requires a 35mm bore hole which is a pretty standard cabinet hinge bore. Bore must be 3mm from door edge. The cup depth is 7/16". Hinge to door mounting screws are 45mm center-to-center.

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