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PHG Advantage 3000 Series Door Closer

PHG Advantage 3000 Series Door Closer

PHG Advantage 3000 Series Door Closer
3000 Series Door Closer shown in Aluminum


PHG Advantge 3000 Series Door Closer

The PHG Advantage 3000 Series Door Closer is a light duty door closer with a pull side and top jamb hold-open arm. This ships with a full plastic cover along with a standard arm and parallel bracket.

PHG Advantge 3000 Features

-Meets ADA requirements

-Power size 3000 is light duty

-BHMA certified

-ANSI Grade 2, UL-Listed

-For all application Tri-pack is included

PGH Advantage 3000 Specs

-Standard arm with full plastic cover

-Aluminum, Duronotic, and Gold Finishes

-For power adjustment there is a staked valve. For closing speed, latching speed and back check there is a triple valve control

- made from an alluminum alloy body, forged steel arm, heat treated forged steel piston and a double heated steel pinion.

Advantage 3000 Series Specs Sheet

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Price$36.60 USD

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Questions and Answers

Question Is there a way to adjust the tension on these? We may need lighter tension so that elementary children can get in and out of the bathroom. I see there are ways to change the setting for the sweep and close speed, but how about the actual force needed to push it open.
Asked by: Chuck - 9/21/2015
Question Unfortunately this model does not have a force adjustment. You would need to get the 5000 series or an LCN 4400 closer. Answer provided by:  Jake (9/21/2015)
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