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Blumotion 971A0500 Wing Plate

Blumotion 971A0500 Wing Plate

Blumotion 971A0500 Wing Plate


BLUMOTION 971A For Euro Hinges

For use with straight arm hinge and 0mm mounting plate. Use item number 971A2500 for use with 3mm mounting plate.

BLUMOTION 971A soft close mechanism for doors with European hinges. Enjoy the silence as your cabinet doors close softly. Blum 971A simply attaches to your cabinets hinge side panel with two #6 screws, not included. Makes a big improvement to your kitchen cabinets! One of these units per door will work well for most lighter cabinet doors. For large or heavy doors two or more may be required. This device can be adjusted for the door size and weight. Refer to images below for suggested installation.

Product Description

- Quiet closing feature for CLIP top and CLIP straight-arm hinges
- Offers the same quality of motion as drawer systems with BLUMOTION
- Adjustable to various door sizes and weights (+3/-7 mm range)
- Installed onto hinge-side panel
- Nickel plated die cast and gray nylon
- For use with straight-arm hinge


For Blum COMPACT hinges use BLUMOTION 917A9700

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Price$7.47 USD

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